The Best Free Drum Kits Of 2017

Even in 2017, when it comes to free high quality drum samples and free drum kits online, there are very few and very far between. The reality is you get what you pay for. Most of the free drum kits and sound banks online have terrible quality and just flat out suck. However, if you search around the internet long and hard enough, you can dig up a few cool high quality gems for free.  Just so you won’t have to, I did all the hard work for you. In no particular order, I found some of the best free drum kits of 2017.

Official Boi-1da Drum Kits (Vol.1 & 2)

The OG of the best free drum kits. These kits are old, but I still believe these kits are some of the best free sound kits still online.

Download Official Boi-1da Drum Kit

DJ Shawdi P – #TimeIsMoney Drum Kit

Yes, it’s a shameless plug. But this really is one of the best free drum kits online. All sounds included are teasers from the $auce 4 Sell drum kit, and also includes some ElectraX presets from the new sound bank, #LIT

Download DJ Shawdi P -#TimeIsMoney Drum Kit

DJ Pain 1 (All Of His Free Kits)

So there are actually 15 free drum kits on the website! He has tons of free samples, loops, and drum kits. All of them are high quality and some have even been used in platinum selling records. Just download them all and if you enjoy them, (I know you will) support DJ Pain 1.

Download ALL Of DJ Pain 1’s Drum Kits

Young Kico’s – Chronicles Of Atlantic Trap

A free dope drum kit made by the producer Young Kico. If you are looking to create beats like Zaytoven, then this kit is probably all you will need!

Includes soundfonts, & presets for Nexus & ElectraX!

Download Young Kico’s – Chronicles Of Atlantic Trap

The Official Dirty Sprite Trap Kit

Another shameless plug, had dropped this drum kit awhile back and it’s one of the most popular free drum kits on the site! Contains a bunch of rare, industry quality sounds that that is used by your favorite producer DJ Shawdi P (LOL).

Download The Dirty Sprite Trap Kit

Anno Domino – Drum Collection

You might have heard of this guy. He has been around for a long time and is one of the most successful producers on the internet. He dropped a dope drum kit that is available to download for free.

Download Anno Domino – Drum Collection

Ultimate 808 Mafia Drum Kit Collection

OK, this one is old, but this drum kit is timeless. This drum kit is one of the reasons why trap music exists. Everyone started out with this at some point.

Download Ultimate 808 Mafia Drum Kit Collection

Metro Boomin Drum Kit | By Razer Music

Razer Music & Metro Boomin collaborated on a video showing a tutorial of how Metro Boomin makes beats, basslines and all the sequencing. This is the drum kit that Metro Boomin was using in that video. Razer music was nice enough to give it to us for free.

Download Metro Boomin Drum Kit | By Razer Music

Official Young Chop Drum Kit

This is also an old but timeless drum kit. If you are looking for that Chiraq sound to make hard, drill type beats to, then this free Young Chop Collection is exactly what you need!

Download Official Young Chop Drum Kit

 If you know or have any drum kits, sound banks, loops, VSTs or samples for free, that should be on this list,  please share it in the comments below! But for now, download these gems and make some hits! Hope you have a great 2017!