The Sample Set Vol. 1-5 | Samples For Producers

    These are free classic sample packs brought to you by Trisamples. Enjoy!

    “These samples are free for you to use. I post them here to help anyone who’s interested in getting into making music. It’s all too easy to torrent a sample CD and never learn the art of sample digging.”

    “These unique samples might offer a glimpse into what you can get out of normal records and much more. I use many techniques to digg them, such as phase inversion of different sections, m/s processing and much more. I also use archived drum machines and mix them with everyday sounds and live drum kits. My idea is to eventually provide more sample packs for sale but right now you are getting free content that I make for myself as I produce my own tracks.”

    The Beat Below Was Produced Using These Samples

    Download The Sample Packs Below

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