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  • VIP Monthly Plug Sounds Are 100% Royalty FREE!
  • Must sign up to get your royalty free sounds!
  • Drum Kits and preset banks ARE royalty free!

  • Our exclusive kits, created by third-party producers MIDI Loops, Sample Loops, Loop Kits are not royalty free.
  • Free sample downloads for these third-party MIDI Loops and Sample Loops are product samples and are also not royalty free.
  • You are allowed to sell beats made with the loops/samples/midis.
  • MUST contact us to clear said loops/samples/midis for
    placements with labels/major artist(s).
  • Feel free to contact us for clearance or for more information!
Category: More Questions!

When you purchase from The Producer’s Plug, you will automatically have an account registered under your purchase email.  Your login information and confirmation will be sent to that email. You can use this information to login to your account and access all of your download links!

Category: More Questions!

It’s ok! Just calm down and contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with your question! Email us or Call/Text: 404-513-0264!