Beat Mixing/Mastering Service

Price: $30


Are your struggling to get a good mix? Are you looking to get that industry quality mix for your beats? We are here to help!

Send in your beat(s) to get mixed and mastered by DJ Shawdi P! You need your beats to be presentable and sound amazing for the artists and a great industry quality mix will help you land that next big placement!

  • Send ONLY Tracked Out WAV files in a ZIP folder!
  • Label your ZIP folder with your Name & Email!
  • We will send an upload link to you instantly when payment is completed to your email!
  • Turn around time should be within 24-72 hours (time will vary depending on how many orders are ahead).
  • When the mix and master is finished, you will receive an email with a download link to the files!


  • DO NOT USE LOW QUALITY SOUNDS! Low quality sounds produces low quality mixes! You can download great quality sounds to use at The Producer’s Plug!
  • DO NOT SEND BAD OR DISTORTED QUALITY RECORDINGS! Mixing and mastering cannot fix these trashed files or recordings and will be considered useless!
  • Send files and recording with volume levels under -3db! So we can have headroom to give you an industry quality mix!
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