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    Ocean Veau is back with a new ElectraX bank called “ANIMVLS”. Made entirely from animals recorded live in nature, this XP is definitely one of a kind. From whales to dolphins, seal, wolves, cats, dogs and even bees & more, ANIMVL is the most unique XP on the market to date. If you are looking to be ahead of the curve and create sounds & vibes no one has ever heard before then ANIMVL is definitely for you. With each sound being unique & different but still easily able to blend in with today’s landscape or whatever genre you are aiming for ANIMVL meets all expectations for the user to be able to create timeless bangers!

    • 4 ElectraX Presets to try out!
    • Must have the ElectraX, Electra 2 VST or higher for presets to work!
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